Cooking: Banana Bread

Cooking, Dessert
April 17, 2020 I used this recipe from Simply Recipes. Banana bread fills your house with lovely smells while baking! So easy to make and delicious. I’m excited to have overripe bananas now. I personally used a little under 1/2 a cup of sugar and thought it tasted perfect, not too sweet. If you like it sweeter or […] {More...}

Cooking: Chicken Marsala

Cooking, Italian
April 10, 2020 Learned this chicken marsala recipe from Chef John’s recipe. It’s easy but delicious. I doubled the recipe to make 4 generous servings. I also sprinkled a lil bit of cornstarch on the chicken before panfrying. About 3 lbs chicken breast (4 chicken breasts) 1 teaspoon salt and ground black pepper to taste 3 tablespoons butter, […] {More...}

Cooking: Banana Cream Pudding

Cooking, Dessert
July 5, 2019 Super delicious dessert that banana lovers will enjoy! Recipe is based off of this one. The original recipe calls for frozen whipped topping, but I think making your own whipped cream without adding any sugar helps tone down the dish since it’s already super sweet (instant pudding mix PLUS an entire can of condensed milk […] {More...}

Cooking: Bean Sprout Salad

March 23, 2019 I used this recipe from Maangchi. Bean sprout salad is so simple yet tasty! It’s super refreshing. Ingredients: 1 lb bean sprouts 2 cloves garlic 2 tsp fish sauce 1/2 tsp salt 2 chopped green onions 1 tbsp sesame oil 1 tsp sesame seeds Boil water Blanch bean sprouts for 1-2 min Rinse with cold […] {More...}

Cooking: Pizza

December 15, 2018 We got a new smart oven so I’ve been jumping into cooking up some homemade pizzas! Fast-food pizza is probably cheaper depending on the toppings but homemade pizza can be really tasty and at least you know what ingredients are going into your pizza. For this first pizza I made a thin crust dough, brushed […] {More...}

Cooking: Oyakodon

November 14, 2018 This Japanese dish literally means chicken and egg rice bowl. I first learned how to make oyakodon from Cooking with Dog. Makes about 4 servings: 4 tbsp soy sauce 2 tbsp sake 2 tbsp mirin 2 tbsp brown sugar 1 onion sliced into thin wedges 1 lb chicken thigh 8 eggs 1 bunch of green […] {More...}

Cooking: Meat Loaf

June 18, 2017 I love this meat loaf recipe because the tangy sauce pairs really well with the beef, and the meat loaf texture is not like the soggy, bland ones I’ve been used to in the past. Highly requested once people try it. I’ve included the recipe below with a few adjustments. Original recipe is from here. […] {More...}

Meet Fresh

Dessert, Taiwanese
July 20, 2016 Kimchi: We’ve been wanting to go for a while ever since it opened, but the lines were INSANE, so we waited a bit. Kimchi: We got the Cold Meet Fresh Signature. It’s super duper refreshing! The herbal grass jelly is my favorite, and tastes so good with the herbal shaved ice (legitimately looks like brown […] {More...}


July 5, 2016 Kimchi: We were food and bar hopping on a Friday night, so we didn’t have much room left in our stomachs when we hit up Eqeko, but from the two dishes we ordered, I could tell this place knows how to serve fancy and tasty Peruvian food! We would definitely come here again and make […] {More...}


Japanese, Korean
April 6, 2016 SAVORY FOOD: Their fried chicken is top notch and is this restaurant’s shining specialty. A great Korean bar to eat savory dishes and grab some drinks. All of their savory dishes are pretty large and are much better for sharing family style with your table. The chicken is juicy with extremely crispy breading – perfect. […] {More...}