{July 20, 2016}

Kimchi: We’ve been wanting to go for a while ever since it opened, but the lines were INSANE, so we waited a bit.

2016-07-13 20.55.15

Close up of the ice

2016-07-13 20.52.15

Cold Meet Fresh Signature

Kimchi: We got the Cold Meet Fresh Signature. It’s super duper refreshing! The herbal grass jelly is my favorite, and tastes so good with the herbal shaved ice (legitimately looks like brown sugar!). The taro balls and sweet potato balls were delightfully soft/chewy, but really bland to be honest. I’d like some more flavor in them, personally. The cream that you pour over it isn’t sweetened, so I’m not sure that it really added much flavor either, besides making it creamier. I like to think of this dish as an “old people’s dessert” because it’s not very sweet, and the light herbal flavor is the bulk of the taste. Super refreshing. It’s different, and I really enjoyed it, although I can see how it’s definitely not for everyone.

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