{April 6, 2016}

Their fried chicken is top notch and is this restaurant’s shining specialty. A great Korean bar to eat savory dishes and grab some drinks. All of their savory dishes are pretty large and are much better for sharing family style with your table.


Fried Chicken

The chicken is juicy with extremely crispy breading – perfect. It comes with some pickled radishes and a dipping sauce, which are perfect companions for the chicken.

My boyfriend got the kimchi spicy pork and tofu dish. He really enjoyed it. The kimchi and tofu were on point, but I thought the pork quality could have been better.

We also shared the Korean seafood pizza, and I thought it was pretty good. I could tell we all preferred the more crispy, more cooked edges of the pizza slices. If the entire pizza was cooked as well as the edges, I think I could devour a lot of the pizza with no problems.


Korean Seafood Pizza

Formerly known as Monster Sushi, there’s no more AYCE sushi, but the sushi is 50% off all day, making the rolls a little cheaper than at your typical restaurants.

In my honest opinion, I believe Tani could really be a 4 or 5 star restaurant, if they made changes to their sushi. Although it’s not Monster Sushi anymore, they still offer the same rolls. What made Monster Sushi good was their AYCE price; I was willing to sacrifice quality for quantity. Now that there is no more AYCE, it’s extremely affordable, but the quality and quantity is just not there. I think it’s time to improve upon the taste now that it’s just pay-per-roll.

I had the Mango Salmon roll, and the sickeningly sweet mango “sauce” was not that good on top of salmon sushi on a California roll. The “sauce” needs to be improved upon. My friend had the Ex-Girlfriend roll, and he didn’t like the sauce on it either. He had trouble finishing his last few pieces, and I could tell the struggle was real when he was forcing himself to finish up his food, lol.

Our waitress was very helpful and attentive. We would definitely come back again to get their savory dishes, especially the fried chicken. I would love to see improvement in their sushi rolls. That could really turn this place into a fantastic Korean bar AND sushi restaurant.