{July 5, 2015}

Pretty good for a fast food type place! For now I would actually give this place 3.5 stars but assuming I will get the chance to try more of their food and enjoy it, my rating would topple over into 4 stars. It’s very clean inside and the decor is rather pleasing.


Two handrolls

The handrolls are pretty big and they do not skimp out on the amount of fish in there, but they are also pricey at around $4.75 each, so take that as you will. Poke handroll had cubes of tuna and was pretty good. I also tried the zesty miso (has salmon) and although it was good (I love salmon), it didn’t really taste that “zesty” or “miso”-ish. I think most people will be satisfied with 2 handrolls, but for those with bigger appetites or like the “I’m way too full” feeling, you’ll need at least 3 rolls.

Don’t let the reviews over-hype this place for you, but if you like simple handrolls, I think you’ll enjoy coming here. I would definitely come back to try other handrolls, and maybe get a custom-made one.

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