{November 30, 2014}

Kimchi: I’ve grown accustomed to Mitsuwa’s katsu curry plates from Miyabi-Tei, which are under $8 dollars, and taste really fantastic. The first time I had Curry House was maybe 6 years ago, and I was not impressed. However, that was before I became a foodie, haha! This time when we went to Curry House, I could taste more of the spices in their curry, the chicken tasted more crispy, and the egg-wrapped fried rice was amazing – I ate it all (normally I don’t finish all of my rice at Mitsuwa). Their salad was also obviously more fancy that Miyabi-Tei’s. The little pickled radishes at Curry House came in a jar on the table! If you know me, I LOVE those sweet friggen radishes. Haha. So I was happy I could pile it onto my plate. We also ordered a potato croquette (not pictured) and the potato had great, savory flavor, while the outside remained crispy for the entire duration of our meal! Thumbs up to this place! Mitsuwa is still the to-go place for a quick and inexpensive Japanese meal, but when I want a top notch curry plate, I’d love to come to Curry House.

Deluxe Katsu Curry

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