{February 3, 2014}

All Hail Kale and Mexi Wrap

Kimchi: Thanks to the new Veggie Grill phone app, we scored some free food! I really enjoyed my All Hail Kale salad…the kale was such a vibrant and tasty green. It was full of flavor and lots of crunch. The Mexi mini wrap was OK. Its main taste is kind of like a bowl of “chili” I would say. I think Martini’s buffalo chicken wrap was tastier – it had a bit of a spicy kick, crispiness, and tang to it.


Thai Chicken, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Sweetheart Fries

Kimchi: We couldn’t help but buy a side of sweet potato fries to go with our meals. I love their sweetheart fries! It’s a little pricy at a little over $4.50, but it came in a huge bowl that left me really satisfied.