{May 29, 2013}
Drummettes & Asian zing sauce

Drummettes & Asian zing sauce

Kimchi: I avoid deep frying anything at all costs! So when I finally had the opportunity to cook some drummettes, I decided I was going to bake them. They turned out really yummy still!

Crispy Drummettes

Drummettes out of the oven

Kimchi: So after searching the net for ways to bake some crispy wings, I learned that one of the best ways to do it is to parboil your wings first. So boil em in water for 8 minutes, drain, and let them cool for like 15 min before patting them dry. Then you can proceed with the baking. Makes sense to me, since the wings won’t be drowning in moistness and fat, giving them more opportunity to crisp up. I decided to roll them lightly in a flour/pepper/onion powder/garlic powder mix before putting them on an oiled baking sheet at 425 degrees F for 30 min (flipping halfway). The result? It was indeed crispy, although a little dry. I suppose that’s the sacrifice you have to make if you want them crispy without frying them.

I found the sauce recipe for “Asian Zing” that’s used at Buffalo Wild Wings. For a wannabe sauce, it’s pretty darn good. I’d say it’s pretty close to the original, although a little less sticky and thick. I guess you could fix that with more cornstarch and boiling it longer. Finger-licking good though 🙂

These wings were pretty darn tasty for baked ones!