{April 10, 2013}
Pork Chops

Worcestershire Pork Chops

Kimchi: I used this recipe. It’s called “marinated baked pork chops” but ironically the recipe instructions don’t call for actually marinating them for any amount of time at all. I’ve made it before without marinating it at all and it turned out great. I’ve made it marinating it overnight and it turned out very badly (the acidic soy sauce and lemon juice is probably too strong to be left over night). I think the best thing would be to marinate it for about half an hour to an hour (maybe while you preheat the oven).

This time I marinated it for about an hour. The pork chops were about 1-1.5 inches thick. I made 1.5x the sauce in the recipe, using half of it for marinating the chops and reserving the other half. I covered the marinated pork chops with foil and baked for 20 min, then uncovered, flipped the chops, spooned the remaining sauce on top, and baked for another ten minutes. The pork turned out very tender and the flavor permeated the entire pork chop so it wasn’t plain at all. Yum!