{March 5, 2013}
Mushroom Chicken leftovers

Mushroom Chicken

I used this recipe for mushroom chicken with some modifications.

Changes I made:

  • Since my chicken breast pieces were HUGE, I cut them into halves and pounded them to flatten.
  • I fried 2 cloves minced garlic in 1/4 cup oil till they were golden brown and the oil was deliciously garlicy and used that to dip the chicken in before dipping it in the bread crumbs, rather than the usual egg dip.
  • Saute the mushrooms slightly before adding them to the pan.
  • Add same amount of chicken broth and condensed mushroom soup to the pan (more chicken broth if you like the sauce to be more liquidy).
  • Cook the chicken breast pieces on a rack, with the soup/mushroom mixture at the bottom of the pan.

With those changes made, I feel like it tasted great! The garlic permeated all over (I love garlic), the breading stayed crispy, the chicken stayed moist, and any chicken drippings mixed in with the soup/mushrooms to make it really tasty. It is much more time consuming having to add all the extra steps, but without them I feel like this dish probably would have been too bland.