{February 9, 2013}

Kimchi: We went to Ramen Yamadaya once, and the experience was rather ironic compared to our recent visit. Our first visit I was left with more to be desired. “It was good but I don’t know if I would want to come again.” But after a while of reading reviews for this place, my appetite started up again and I wanted to give it a second try.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen

Kimchi: I got the Tonkotsu ramen again. I feel like this bowl was superior compared to the bowl I ate once before. The broth was not as oily and sickening (but still extremely rich so beware if you’re not into that). I also learned from reading reviews about getting the free, fresh garlic and crushing it yourself with a garlic press into your bowl. This time I tried that and I slurped up my broth! I love garlic and it really enhanced my ramen. The soft-boiled egg was cooked perfectly and the pork meat was extremely tender. Last time my pork piece was mostly just sickening fat (as if the broth wasn’t fatty already) but this time my pork piece was meaty and good. I also took advantage of the condiments on the table and poured in some chili oil and red pepper flakes. I seriously enjoyed my bowl of ramen. I burped garlic for hours after that but I was so satisfied, lol! I really want to come back!

We also got the karaage chicken with salad (not pictured). It was good like last time so it seems to be a fool-proof dish.

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