{October 21, 2012}

Silky Sullivan’s

Kimchi: I’ve actually seen this place a lot of times, but I never ever took notice of it! I’m so glad our friend Steven picked out this place for dinner. It doubles as a pub and restaurant. We sat down for dinner. The atmosphere is great (lots of regulars everywhere, nightly special events), although admittedly we were the youngest crowd there (20-22 year olds). Parking gets crowded later in the night. There were 5 of us, so we ordered 3 appetizers and 3 entrees to share all around – which was great since we really got to sample a lot of dishes in one go!


Onion Mum

Kimchi: It’s like an “onion bloom” at the fair, except better because there is seasoning in the batter and the sauce was interesting (a small bit of spicy?).


Irish Nachos

Kimchi: You’ve eaten one steak fry, you’ve eaten them all. Wrong! These “Irish Nachos” were surprisingly good. They were sooo crispy despite the cheese (and this isn’t the gooey, fake “nacho” cheese either) slathered over them.


Silky Super Skins

Kimchi: These were good, but I can only eat a max of 2 of these! They have chicken, mushrooms, Jack and cheddar cheese, bacon bits, tomatoes, and sour cream. It was a huge medley of ingredients and I’m not sure I really tasted any of them other than potato and the ranch I slathered over them for more flavor. The skins were crispy though, so that’s a plus.


Cajun Shrimp

Kimchi: The cajun shrimp came with rice that was soaked in the cajun sauce. I thought it was a good dish. It wasn’t mind-blowing but I would want to eat it again. The mild spiciness is what gave it good flavor. As a shared dish, each person pretty much got 1 or 2 shrimp only 😛


Cajun Rib Eye Steak

Kimchi: We didn’t have such a great experience with this steak. The CORN however, was super delicious. It was so sweet and buttery – we even contemplated if they would oblige if we asked to buy just corn a la carte (not on the menu). But the steak, oh the steak. We ordered medium, but the center definitely looked medium rare. That was after letting it sit while we ate the other dishes first, too, so it was probably rare when it was first set on our table. The outside was just so charred that one friend said it tasted like coals! It definitely took away from the taste of the steak. I gave them the benefit of doubt and said maybe it was just a bad day for that steak…but I found that another blogger’s review of the very same steak had the exact same experience! And this was 3 years ago! Hmm, that’s not a good sign. Stay away from the steak then if you don’t like charred steak that’s practically rare on the inside.

Fish & Chips

Kimchi: My favorite entree of the night, fish & chips! Everything about it was perfect. Crispy, fried goodness all around. It was the first dish to be cleaned off. I would definitely order it again just to eat by myself!Silky Sullivans on Urbanspoon