{May 19, 2012}

Kimchi: We haven’t had anything to add to our food blog in a while, so going to the Elephant Bar was pretty exciting…but we failed to take pictures of our two main entrees. Hahaha…oh goodness. We kind of just dug in and as I was eating dessert, my eyes widened and told Martini we forgot to take pictures. ^_^* Anyways…we managed to take two pictures at least. I got an email about Elephant Bar’s promotion: 3-course meal for two for $20!!! This included an appetizer, two entrees, and dessert. Here’s the original pricing if we didn’t use the promotion:

Wok-Fired Chicken and Lettuce Wrap 8.50
Crispy Teriyaki Chicken 12.25
Wok-Fired Mongolian Beef 13.95
Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence 5.95
Total: $40.65!!!

Wow, this $20 promotion is such a great deal! I was stuffed!

Wok-Fired Chicken and Lettuce Wrap

Wok-Fired Chicken and Lettuce Wrap

Kimchi: The lettuce wrap was soo yummy! Chicken was soft and flavorful and I liked the small bit of mango salsa on the side. Martini and I like eating bulgogi wrapped in lettuce, so we liked this chicken version a lot as well. It’s an appetizer that’s actually very filling if you’re only sharing it between two people.

[Insert picture of Crispy Teriyaki Chicken here]

Kimchi: At first I thought the chicken was understandably dry since it was little chunks of fried chicken…and it was decent & filling…but I was really disappointed once I looked at a picture of what it should actually look like. The menu picture looks like it’d actually be crispy, but ours looked more like…just dry. The sauce was good though, which is a good thing since it was drenched in it and looked like it was going to be really salty, but it wasn’t. Crispy should not mean the same thing as dry. x_x

Martini: The chicken had all the recipes for tasting great but I don’t think it was cooked just right so it ended up being dry, making the texture feel really meh.

[Insert picture of Wok-Fired Mongolian Beef here]

Kimchi: This was the better entree of the two. The beef had good flavor.

Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence

Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence

Kimchi: The dessert option should have been their creme brulee but sadly they ran out so they gave us 3 different options to choose from. I chose the Indulgence because I just noticed of the three choices it was the most expensive (twice as much), lol. And it was a good choice, too, because we really liked it. The menu wasn’t very descriptive of what it was, but it turned out to be a coffee-ish cake with dark chocolate fudge on it, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and some candied pecans. I’m kind of glad they ran out of creme brulee after all, haha.

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