{February 21, 2012}
All of our tacos

All of our tacos

Kimchi: TACO TUESDAYS ARE AWESOME! We definitely had to take a picture of our food this time because this was the most we’ve ever ordered at a taco joint.


Chicken Taco

Kimchi: I think I like the deep fried chicken taco just because the outside is so crispy and it has yummy feta cheese.

Al Pastor

Al Pastor Taco

Kimchi: Al Pastor taco is this spicy pork taco. It was very good, although just because of personal preference, I would eat only just one.


Carnitas Tacos

Kimchi: Carnitas at Taco Mesa is always great because the carnitas are so, so soft and tender. Martini is crazy about them and always gets a ton…

Baja Fish Tacos

Baja Fish Tacos

Kimchi: As for me, I’m a Baja Fish Taco fanatic!!! I love the crispy chicken, sour sauce, and veggies on it. Paired with some squeezed lime, extra onions/cilantros, and green salsa? I am one happy human.

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