{February 19, 2012}
Dumpling, Eggrolls, Egg drop soup, Salad

Dumpling, Eggrolls, Egg drop soup, Salad

Kimchi: We were pleasantly surprised at the price for the dinner special because you get soup, salad, appetizer, an entree, and a small dessert! I really enjoyed the eggrolls and dumplings with the sweet sauce.

Yellow Curry

Pad Thai

Kimchi: The pad thai was good, but not the best, I would say. It was very peanuty. I think I would have enjoyed it better if I had asked for the chilis and spices in the little jars. I saw they had the chili jars at another table, but not at ours, and they didn’t even ask if we wanted any. The place was extremely small and cramped, so we literally sat elbow to elbow with another couple and I had to get out of my seat in order for other people to get in and out of their seats.