{February 3, 2012}
Cham Sut Gol

Grilling Meat

Kimchi: We had all you can eat Korean barbeque with 6 other people. We were too busy eating and chatting that we didn’t take pictures, haha. This is the only picture I have of the food – a sad picture of our dirty grill with a small pile of meat in the corner that nobody could eat because we were all stuffed! We had brisket, marinated beef, spicy bulgogi, chicken, pork belly, and pork. All very good, and eaten with rice paper and the banchan side dishes. We each got to pick a soup – I picked the steamed egg, which I liked. The best part was the end – self-serve all you can eat ice cream! Haha. I got two rounds of green tea ice cream on a cone. Stuffed and happy.

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