{August 3, 2011}

Kimchi: Okay, we all know how bad fair food is, and fair food makes me think of America’s obese walking around with deep fried butter and chocolate bacon. Haha. But seriously! The fair has some really good food – and by good I mean for your taste buds, not your waistline. We went to the fair twice in one summer. One was a double date, and one was just Martini & me.  The following pictures was from the 2nd time we went with just us.

Australian Battered Potatoes

Kimchi: Thanks to our friend who loves food probably more than we do (haha), we were craving these Australian battered potatoes again so we got them again. This time as a plate – not the whole bucket like last time!!! (Granted, the bucket was shared among 4 people lol) Delicious crispy and greasy goodness…


Kimchi: This was the first gyro that I ever ate, and so far it has been the best I’ve ever eaten. I KNOW, right? What??? Martini & I were starving, but we couldn’t decide on what to eat (story of our lives). We were right next to this authentic and legit greek food stand. The line for it was starting to get long, but still decent, so we decided to take our chances with this one since the nicely formed line had to say something about their quality of food. The wait was agonizing, haha. But we were still lucky, because behind us the line grew even longer. This food stand was next to the brewery area I think, so the Greek stand probably easily attracted hungry and buzzed people. The picture just doesn’t do the gyro any JUSTICE!!! The tzatziki sauce, onions and veggies, lamb and pork meats, and the soft pita bread. Were. Amazing.

Funnel Cake

Kimchi: Once again… the fair also holds the place of “best funnel cake” for me as well! It was the most delicious funnel cake I’ve ever eaten. It was far from the rock hard and old funnel cakes I’ve eaten before. It was crispy and the middle was soft. It’s actually cut-able with a knife! Paired with strawberries (albeit, they could have given us more than that small scoop) and whipped cream made it a great indulgence. No worries people, the fair only comes once a year. So even if we wanted to eat this every day…we can’t!