{July 1, 2011}

Asada Torta

Kimchi: Went to an authentic Mexican food joint with two of my friends. At first you would have no idea that this was a really amazing Mexican food place. It’s a rather small restaurant and from the outside nothing screams at you, telling you to come eat. In fact, the name is “Cancun Juice” so you would expect a few drinks and that’s it. They have a pretty good list of drinks but best of all, in my opinion, is the Mexican food!

We all had the “cancun juice” and “cancun smoothie” because if it’s named after it, it must be their signature drink, right? I liked it. It’s comparable to jamba juice, but felt less sugary and more fresh. The only thing we didn’t like about the cancun drinks is too many coconut bits in the drink. I don’t like having something crunchy to munch on while the rest of my drink is nice and smooth.

Tortas, tortas, tortas. Highly recommend these. My friends had asada tortas and they really liked them. I got to try a piece of it towards the end of our meal, but it was really soggy. So the best tip I can give you while eating a torta is to eat it fast. Don’t get take-out and don’t let it sit for too long. The torta bread is soooo yummy and crispy when you first get it. Enjoy it how it’s supposed to be and don’t let it get soggy ^_^



I had an asada huarache. Yummy! I think it had crumbled feta cheese on top; that was a nice change from the usual shredded cheese. The re-fried beans kept everything together and I think there was a bit of green salsa also. The fried doughy bottom was very crispy, too. It’s a tasty yet cheap thing to get here; it was like $3.

I went back again with Martini to get a Mexicana Torta (no picture…next time!) and it was DEE-LISH. I loooove it. Crispy torta bread and delicious asada + chorizo inside. It’s a bit spicy and I crave for some just thinking about it! :pink:

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