{June 25, 2011}

Strawberry Croissants

Kimchi: We bought 4 croissants, I believe, and that set us back by $9.20. Expensive for just dessert… but once you bite into one, it’s worth the price and then you think to yourself, “Well, I guess they could have charged even more.”


Kimchi: These things are ADDICTING. You eat one, and you’re like, wow, it’s gone? On to the next one, please. Rinse & repeat. Like a dozen times. haha. The croissant is very flaky and crispy. The cream inside is very light and fresh tasting. It is not overly sweet at all. And of course, the strawberries add an extra kick.


Kimchi: Bye Cream Pan, we will meet again soon, I promise. ;-(

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