{June 18, 2011}
Salmon & red snapper

Salmon & Red Snapper

Kimchi: Maru Sushi probably has the best sized (and priced) nigiri of the sushi restaurants we’ve been to! The fish is nice and thick, and the amount of rice is just perfect; it compliments the fish rather than overpowering it.

Seared Tuna & Yellowtail

Kimchi: The yellowtail had a good firm texture, and I think that’s probably what I like about yellowtail.

Lobster Roll

Kimchi: The lobster roll was a bit smaller than I was expecting, but I suppose it’s because lobster is expensive anyways. The sauce was very nicely presented (and quite tasty might I add) and the little tempera lobster pieces next to it were very yummy. The big lobster shell on top had no meat in it; it was more for aesthetics haha.


Kimchi: To finish off we ordered more salmon sushi. Salmon sushi is our favorite at most sushi restaurants! I love the soft texture and fresh taste of the fish. It certainly beats cooked salmon, strangely enough. Amazing how cooked salmon and raw salmon just taste nothing like each other.


Kimchi: Complimentary froyo. It was obviously small and probably doesn’t cost them much, but nice little touches like this make you leave the restaurant on a good note. ^_^

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