{June 9, 2011}


Kimchi: Went out for ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi with my old dormmates. We had been planning to go for a long time, and this was our post-final exams treat. :orange: I believe this restaurant is Korean-owned. We got lost trying to find Sushi Tomo for a good chunk of time because of the incorrect directions (mapquest, google maps, even GPS are all wrong). If you follow the directions you’ll be in the right area, but not quite so you have to do some wandering around to find it. It’s next to a Home Depot for future reference.



The edamame and fried calamari appetizers were good starters. Nothing much to say here, although I was surprised at the calamari since I was expecting it to taste not very good.


Spicy Tuna

We were a table of 5 so you can bet we devoured everything pretty quickly. Hence the lovely picture with only one piece left, LOL. So after eating quite a bit of rolls, I discovered that (like at most AYCE sushi joints) the rolls are either bad or mediocre. Sushi Tomo had decent rolls, but they are not worth filling up on unless you have a huge group of people to split the rolls with. And I mean it when I say the rolls are really filling! Don’t waste too much of your money on these.



I think the shining star of the AYCE sushi deal is the nigiri. YUM-EE. We ordered quite a few plates of nigiri (only 1 was photographed). Fish pieces were very nicely sized and tasted fresh to me. The amount of rice was minimal too, so you don’t fill up on that. As you can see we love salmon, haha. Got various other nigiris, such as red snapper, yellow tail, albacore, mackerel, eel, tamago, etc. Two thumbs up for their nigiri!

An important note is that you must finish all of your food before they give you a sheet of paper to order more food. You really have to speak up for another sheet because the waitresses here are not going to ask you if you want more food, lol. We had 3 or 4 rounds of orders. The waitress who kept taking our order sheets did not seem at all pleased every time we tracked her down to order another round. It could have just been our imagination but it felt like she gave us a look that said, “You’re ordering more food? Ugh.” Hey, I’m trying to get my 25 dollar’s worth here (plus $5 tip)! And I totally did.


Green Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream dessert is included! Small scoop of creamy goodness. Doesn’t taste much like green tea though, lol. It felt like green-colored vanilla ice cream. :mrgreen: I love how perfectly round the scoops were *poke poke* and the metal bowls kept it nice & cold.


Wasabi & Green Tea Ice Cream

And just for kicks, made a spoonful of my green tea ice cream look like wasabi and put it next to the wasabi for comparison. Quite a few people (those poor souls) have mistakened wasabi for green tea ice cream and have suffered the consequences. D: And from this picture, you can’t blame them for making such a fatal mistake, haha.

I left a champion, with my friends surprised at how much freaking food I ate with my small stature, LOL. But trust me, I was uncomfortably full. ONE MORE PIECE and I would probably need to go barf to prevent my stomach from exploding. Sorry, bad image. ^_^*

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