{May 30, 2011}
Chicken Maison

Half Chicken

Kimchi: Chicken Maison is like a gem found among the rocks, just because it’s amazingly yummy food found in a little plaza that is nothing to brag about. Even when Chicken Maison barely opened up, it had tons of reviews on Yelp already. For that reason I really love Yelp; small time restaurants get the exposure really fast if they are worthy of it. The Half Chicken was ordered by my brother and he has got an enormous appetite, so at first he didn’t think it would make him full. Wrong! After eating it all, he said he was surprisingly full.

Chicken Maison

Quarter Chicken

As for me, I got the Quarter Chicken. I swear, for any of the chicken dishes you order, you receive the plate and you think, “Wow that is disappointingly small. I don’t think I’m going to be full.” But then you start eating – and can’t stop eating because of how delicious the chicken is – until you cleaned your plate. And guess what? Surprisingly full.

The rotisserie chicken here is so delicious because it is cooked until the skin slides easily off of the bone. The skin is nice and crispy. I normally order the original chicken, but I’ve tried the lemon basil chicken from either my brother or boyfriend’s plates and it is an explosion for your taste buds. Get it if you like that kind of thing. If not, stick with original. All chicken comes with their garlic mayo(?) and it is seriously good.

You also get two sides with the dish. You only get salad and rice if you choose their special where it’s a few bucks cheaper. Otherwise, you can pick any two side dishes you want. The rice is a must in my opinion. It’s very complimentary to the chicken and the sweet little grapes dispersed through the rice makes it unique & tasty.

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