{April 8, 2011}
Tofu soup and bulgogi

Kimchi Tofu soup and bulgogi

Kimchi: This set of food was really reminiscent of BCD Tofu House, but for an unbelievable price. Like Martini said, it’s definitely a “hole in the wall” type of place because the food court wasn’t exactly the most polished. It was sort of shabby and ghetto looking (but not dirty). I wouldn’t take my high maintenance girlfriend here on a date … if I had a high maintenance girlfriend, that is. Which, you know, I don’t. The beef had very good flavor and the kimchi tofu soup was very filling.



Kimchi: Want to know why we decided to try jajangmyeon despite its earth-worm-appearance? Two words: Korean drama. haha. After watching Coffee Prince, and watching Eun-chan scarf down bowls of jajangmyeon, we craved it even though we had no idea what it would taste like. And we LOVE this stuff! Black soybean paste with onion and ground beef. It is a very nice, savory taste. The noodles were so chewy and satisfying. Very messy, but totally worth it.

redbean pastry

Redbean Pastry

Kimchi: After we left the food court with full bellies, we decided to check out the adjacent Korean market, since it was our first time there. There was a little bakery inside and we thought we’d top off our date with dessert. Nothing really struck my fancy, but Martini picked out this red bean pastry. The red bean was very crumbly and the outside had a thin, flaky layer of…something…dough? Surprisingly, it was pretty good.

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