{March 24, 2011}
Wafu of Japan

Shrimp Paradise Roll

Kimchi: This was our second time coming to Wafu of Japan (side story below) and I think we got the Shrimp Paradise Roll before. The first time I didn’t enjoy it so much, but this time around I liked it. I think it tasted very light. Perhaps I didn’t like it the first time because maybe the rice was less seasoned with vinegar compared to this time.


Dragon Ball Bites

Kimchi: I LOVE their Dragon Ball Bites. These are probably one of their popular items and for good reason. Outside there is crispy tempura and addicting sauce. Inside there is tuna, avocado and I don’t remember what else. But at $5.75 for two pieces it is too expensive to get more than once or twice.^_^*


Butterfly Roll

Kimchi: There is no rice in the Butterfly Roll, just fish goodness, some imitation crab, avocado, and fried seaweed with tempura.


Cucumber sashimi roll

Kimchi: Another roll with no rice; this roll was delicately wrapped in cucumber. The cucumber makes it taste very fresh.

There were two more plates that we got, but we didn’t have a chance to take a picture because we got too excited and ate it first x_x. THE best plate at Wafu, we believe, is the Samurai Burrito. $11.95 for a few thick slices drenched in tasty sauce. I also got a $3.75 handroll (forgot which since it’s been a while). So as you can see, this place is damn expensive. We came here because we had a $25 certificate for $50 worth of food. And as I mentioned earlier, it was our second trip.

During our first visit to Wafu, we were planning on using the certificate, but as we were almost ready to pay we spotted another couple trying to use their certificate, only to be denied by the waitress saying it is invalid on Fridays. *SIGH* x_x haha.

Wafu seems very pricey for the quantity you get, but the little amount you get is pretty tasty and pretty looking. I would only come back sparingly.

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