{March 19, 2011}

Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi: Oh, a dish named after me? You can bet this dish was AMAZING. hahaha. j/k. I LOVE kimchi fried rice. This was my first time eating it and I fell in love instantly. Martini and I craved it for the first time (even though we never ate it before) when we were watching a Korean Drama (Coffee Prince) and they were eating kimchi fried rice with such vigor. haha.


Pork Katsu

Kimchi: The katsu was surprisingly delicious! It was sooo crispy and didn’t feel greasy at all. I am in love with those sweet pickles that they give you on the side, too. The brown tofu was very interesting too. At first Martini and I thought it was a weird meat, lol.

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