{February 14, 2011}

Sushi Rolls

Kimchi: This location is in a funny area…it’s right next to some autoshop and not very appealing for a restaurant. But step inside and you will think differently. It was Valentine’s Day so it was naturally crowded, but we were expecting it and were willing to wait.

They gave our table someone else’s roll, lol. Oops. And we didn’t realize it so we just ate it. They didn’t charge us for it though and I appreciate that since it’s mostly their mistake.

I kind of failed at taking pictures that night, but they kept bringing out so many little free extra dishes for us. They were very small, like two baked mussels, two gyoza pieces, etc. for us to share. But having the variety of food and for FREE was such a nice thing for them to do. Very yummy, I liked it. I’m sure it doesn’t cost them too much to give little extra bits to customers, and they probably score some big tips from it! Smaaart.

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