{January 21, 2011}

Onion Rings and Mozzarella Sticks

Kimchi: We went to Red Robin because we had a “free birthday burger” since it was Martini’s birthday that month. The fried appetizers filled us up pretty well. I guess fried food can do that to ya!



We split the burgers in half and each got a separate basket along with fries (very kind of them to do so for us). The steak fries are bottomless, which is always nice if you don’t want to get too much food or buy appetizers. Service depends on your waiter/waitress and location though. At this location, sometimes they won’t come around to refill your fries that often until you’re ready to leave and don’t want to bother anymore. But anyways, the split amount was perfect for us. Normally we walk out stuffed, but this left me feeling very full but comfortable.

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