Favorite food: SUSHI to the max!

Here is my little story: When I was a child I disliked eating. I ate when I was hungry, was painfully spoon-fed everyday by my mother, and it took me at least an hour to finish eating. Somehow I just didn’t like eating food, and it conditioned me into becoming a very slow eater. But!, as the reader probably may have guessed, something obviously happened because now I’m writing on a food blog, drooling over my past and future encounters with food! I think over the recent years, I’ve come to appreciate food more. I developed into a food junkie after having so many planned dinner dates with Martini, and after looking at the best places on Yelp (ohhh Yelp, how you have given us so many gems!). Now we have an endless list of new food places to try (or revisit)!