Golden Elephant

Thai, Vietnamese
April 30, 2013 Kimchi: I like the decor of this place; it looks very nicely done. Kimchi: Their pad thai was average. It wasn’t quite tasty enough for me to come back here again, craving it. I definitely needed to put the assorted spices/chiles in it to give it an extra umph. Kimchi: It was still not too […] {More...}

Dat Thanh

June 28, 2011 Martini: If you’ve been to Brodard then you should be familiar with these. They’re that kind of spring rolls, with the cured pork or shrimp paste. They taste pretty much the same and that’s a good thing because that means they’re both really good. Dat Thanh is a small mom-and-pop restaurant that my friend recommended. […] {More...}