Meet Fresh

Dessert, Taiwanese
July 20, 2016 Kimchi: We’ve been wanting to go for a while ever since it opened, but the lines were INSANE, so we waited a bit. Kimchi: We got the Cold Meet Fresh Signature. It’s super duper refreshing! The herbal grass jelly is my favorite, and tastes so good with the herbal shaved ice (legitimately looks like brown […] {More...}

Cooking: Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

Cooking, Dessert
September 11, 2013 I love brownies, I love red velvet, and I love cheesecake. So I was super excited to try out this recipe. In a way, I kind of wish the “brownie” part was a bit more moist, but I think it actually balances out the cheesecake part pretty well, so I’ll continue to use this recipe. […] {More...}


July 30, 2013 Kimchi: Banana caramel crunch is the one flavor I feel like I will always get at Coldstone. Please note though, that we go to Coldstone once every few years, haha. This is the “signature creation” that would keep me coming back. Delicious vanilla ice cream mixed with fresh, mashed bananas, nuts, and caramel. Fantastic on […] {More...}

Snow Monster

July 8, 2013 Kimchi: We went to Snow Monster for a cool dessert on a hot night. This place seems pretty bustling but it’s also a rather small restaurant with a few tables inside and outside. Not going to lie, we were like idiots trying to find this place. It’s on the side facing the street, so turn […] {More...}

Snow Station

June 1, 2013 Kimchi: We came back to Snow Station even though we had come not too long ago because we just couldn’t resist having those heavenly flakes of ice on our tongues again. Mango was a good flavor, but we found the strawberry to be to artificial tasting. Kimchi: Taro is still my favorite. Salted caramel is […] {More...}

Snow Station

May 24, 2013 I’ve had shaved ice before and I always enjoy it, but this shaved ice was magnificent! It is shaved very finely, so there is no “crunch” of ice at all…more like creaminess. As you let it melt in your mouth, it turns into creamy goodness. Since the ice is flavored, it’s not like your typical […] {More...}

Confetti Italian Ice & Custard

May 11, 2013 Kimchi: I love cheesecake, so I feel like I made the right choice when I got the strawberry cheesecake. The strawberry italian ice was great – light, shaved ice. The cheesecake custard had a light flavor but you could tell it had a hint of cheesecake when compared with a plain vanilla custard. I think […] {More...}

Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream

May 7, 2013 Kimchi: I love Han’s. Their ice cream is divine, if you choose a flavor that is to your liking. I had the chocolate malt crunch – there were actual little whoppers in the ice cream. Not enough for my liking, but having any of those at all was nice. I hate it when there’s no […] {More...}

Lazy Dog Cafe

American, Dessert
February 15, 2013 Kimchi: We came to Lazy Dog Cafe with just dessert in mind and we knew what we were getting after reading their menu on Yelp. I’ve been raving about “dessert pizza” to Martini for years and he finally had one from Pizza Hut. Apparently it lived up to all of my raving about it 😛 […] {More...}

Seaside Bakery

Dessert, Fast Food
September 9, 2012 Seaside Bakery was an after-thought since we didn’t plan to go here originally. Our other plans (Baja Sharkeez happy hour) were foiled and I remembered everyone raving about Seaside Bakery, so this was my brilliant backup plan. 😛 Anyway, SB is a cash only place with tasty, cheap eats. The croissants are tasty! Flaky on […] {More...}