{July 5, 2016}

Our creation!


Martini: What a delightful surprise this place was. We came here to redeem their free bread sticks not realizing how amazing their pizza was. Their set up is pretty identical to places like Pieology, Pizza Rev and Blaze Pizza with the whole “make your own pizza” deal. We went with their “pink sauce” which is a combination of the red marinara and white sauce. We added on some sausage, chicken, pineapple, minced garlic, peppers to top it off with one of their interesting choices of sauces – pesto. The pizza came out pretty fast, I’d say, around five minutes or so. The crust was really crispy, it held the toppings together and still had that crunch. It didn’t get soggy at all. The bread sticks were the same deal. Crispy and not overly cheesy. I would rank this place alongside Pieology for being one of the best “make your own pizza” joint. Definitely looking forward to eating here again.