{January 9, 2016}

Kimchi: We’ve visited Hakata twice now and both visits have been delightful!

Martini: This is definitely my go-to ramen place now.


Karaage, Shoyu Ramen

Kimchi: The karaage ($7)  is perfect! The outside is super crispy and the inside for the most part is super juicy.

Martini: If you’re starving and need that little side-dish to compliment your meal, you can’t go wrong with the karaage! The dipping sauce it comes with adds a nice little kick for extra flavor!


BlackTonkotsu (back), Mentaiko Ramen (front)

Kimchi: I’ve had the mentaiko ramen, which has a salty, seafood taste to it, and slightly spicy. I think it’s a nice change to the typical ramen broths. I liked it so much that I drank all of the broth!

Martini: Of the two ramenI ordered (black tonkotsu and shoyu ramen) the tonkotsu is definitely my favorite. The flavor is nice and rich but not too overbearing, it strikes a perfect balance. The shoyu ramen is on the lighter side with a slight soy flavor. No matter which ramen you choose, you’re bound to love it!

2016-01-02 18.19.07

Shio Tonkotsu

Kimchi: On my second visit, I had the shio tonkotsu, which is more toned down and simple. Despite its simplicity, it really hit the spot. I ordered extra green onions (free of charge). Their bowls of ramen aren’t cheap if you add the premium toppings ($4), but it is pretty much essential for a good bowl. The soft boiled egg and the big, soft slices of pork make the ramen special.

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