{May 24, 2013}
Shaved ice

Shaved ice

Kimchi: I’ve had shaved ice before and I always enjoy it, but this shaved ice was magnificent! It is shaved very finely, so there is no “crunch” of ice at all…more like creaminess. As you let it melt in your mouth, it turns into creamy goodness.

Kimchi: Since the ice is flavored, it’s not like your typical shaved ice that is drizzled with syrup or flavored only by pieces of fruit. The choices of flavors were interesting. We had taro and green tea flavors (hungry bear size). Green tea legitly tastes like green tea. It is kinda bitter, and not at all like watered down tea. Although we liked it, we were more partial to the sweet taro flavor. We had condensed milk as an add on and it added a good level of sweetness.

Kimchi: The restaurant itself is pretty small… I was expecting it to be bigger but it was rather small. There is seating outside though. I can see it being packed during hot days.

Martini: I’ve never really had anything like this and it’s really good. It’s like they shaved the ice into thin little flakes that sit on top of one another and since the ice is already flavored when it melts in your mouth, it turns into ice cream( sort of)! I prefer it over the usual type of shaved ice because when that melts it turns into flavored water :/ meh lol. This place was also very generous with the fruit additions so that’s always a plus 🙂

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