{September 9, 2012}

Kimchi: Seaside Bakery was an after-thought since we didn’t plan to go here originally. Our other plans (Baja Sharkeez happy hour) were foiled and I remembered everyone raving about Seaside Bakery, so this was my brilliant backup plan. 😛 Anyway, SB is a cash only place with tasty, cheap eats.


Croissant & Donut Holes

Kimchi: Martini had the ham&cheese croissant, while I had the ham&cheese with jalapenos. The ones with jalapenos have a jalapeno on the outside so you can tell which one is which and your other half won’t have to accidentally burn his mouth 😛 The croissants are tasty! Flaky on the outside with soft and melty goodness on the inside.

Martini: They make pretty decent croissants. It’s nice and savory and filling, which surprised me. It’s nice a snack to get while you’re at the beach.

Donut Holes

Donut Holes

Kimchi: The donut holes also melt in your mouth.

Martini: I’m a huge fan of donut holes but these ones were tad bit on sweet side for my liking. I still liked them and enjoyed them, especially how soft they are!

Blueberry Donut

Blueberry Donut

Kimchi: I have a big soft spot for blueberry donuts ever since I finally got to try one after the craze with blueberry donuts started. It is so soft and moist – cake-like – with a crunchy and sugary glaze on the outside. Yum.

Martini: These are the softest blueberry donuts I’ve ever had. I can definitely see why people rave about these donuts on Yelp.

Thai Tea

Thai Tea

Kimchi: The thai tea hit the spot for very sweet thai tea – emphasis on sweet! If you don’t like your thai tea sweet then you’re going to have a sugar overload.

Martini: Donuts and Thai tea is kind of a weird combination since it’s sweet, sugar snack plus sweet, sugar drink. But if you have a sweet tooth then I guess it makes perfect sense. I think my sweet tooth was acting up that day so I welcomed by the sugar overload haha.

The croissant is $2.50 I think and if it is not warm, they microwave it a bit for you. It honestly tastes like it was just baked so it can’t have been made too long ago even if it has gotten cold. Having one of these babies and sitting under a shady spot on the beach is just another one of life’s pleasures. 🙂


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