{August 30, 2011}


Kimchi: We came to Pat’a Chou right after we had all you can eat Korean BBQ, at the insistent request of the other couple we were with. We really didn’t have room for the tons of dessert we had, but our friends were so insistent! haha. Martini and I each took a few bites of our macarons which were: pistachio, vanilla, salted caramel, and raspberry. I think my favorite was either the salted caramel or the pistachio! I didn’t take pictures of them, but the aforementioned couple also made Martini and I eat their desserts, which were creme brulee and a giant version of a macaron (forgive me, I forgot what it was called lol). Afterwards while we were in the car, I really felt like barfing and we urged our friend who was driving to drive below speed limit, LOL.

Martini: By the time we got here, I was fully stuffed to the point where it was uncomfortable haha. But I somehow managed to squeeze in these delightful macarons which shows how good they were. But after this I was done, if I ate anymore, well, let’s just say it wouldn’t have been pretty :O

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