{June 28, 2011}

Spring Rolls

Martini: If you’ve been to Brodard then you should be familiar with these. They’re that kind of spring rolls, with the cured pork or shrimp paste. They taste pretty much the same and that’s a good thing because that means they’re both really good. Dat Thanh is a small mom-and-pop restaurant that my friend recommended. They take orders and the customer service is very friendly. It’s a tiny bit cheaper than Brodards but the difference is really insignificant. The only difference between this place and Brodards is the sauce. Kimchi liked the sauce and I liked it too but it wasn’t as flavorful as Brodards. The sauce from Brodards had that kick that this Dat Thanh didn’t have. Aside from that everything else was great. I’ll probably order from this place again when I crave spring rolls, and that tends to happen pretty often XD


Shrimp and Pork

Kimchi: It’s true that the sauce isn’t quite as good as Brodard because at Brodard I remember thinking the sauce was so good that I wanted to drink it like soup, lol!


Close Up

Kimchi: What made these spring rolls pleasantly different for me was the pickled vegetables they had in it! I thought it gave the spring rolls an extra kick. And of course, one of my favorite things in a spring roll is the crunchy bit of egg roll shell in there! Yummy yummy. 4-6 of these babies will make the average person stuffed and seriously satisfied!

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